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5 Ways to Overcome Resistance When Implementing New Technology

Businessman hand selecting different arrows as leadership conceptEvery day, new technologies are creating more and more opportunities for enterprise organizations to succeed. They can help to get and stay ahead of the competition, grow profits, and become more efficient. Although the unknown possibilities that come with change can be frightening, for an organization to be successful, it must learn to quickly adapt to and embrace change, rather than meet it with resistance. So, how can you successfully implement new technology changes with as little resistance as possible?

Here are 5 ways to overcome resistance when implementing new technology within your organization:

1. Communicate the new technology with your team
One of the most effective ways to get your team on track for a new technology change is to communicate with them.  Talk to them about how the new technology will work, but at the same time, create an environment where they can provide their feedback. Team members, when providing feedback, might come up with genuinely good ideas for implementation. It will also give them an opportunity to be heard and express their feelings on the matter, as well as giving you a chance to empathize with their thoughts.

  1. 2. Have your team actively participate in implementing the new technology

Gathering feedback from team members is important, but you can encourage them to actively participate in implementing the new technology as well. They can be given a chance to work with one another to brainstorm how best to introduce the new technology to the organization, allowing them to feel like they are part of something where they can contribute their own ideas or creativity. This will make them feel like they are active agents of change, rather than passive players in a situation that is beyond their control. Should your team be especially helpful in implementing the new technology, you could provide recognition for their role, or even reward them in some way for their help.

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    1. 3. Test the new technology first on a smaller scale

    Testing the new technology on a smaller scale first can help you learn how it might perform before introducing it to a larger audience. Testing on a smaller scale can often create a champion, someone who has experience with the new technology and can share its benefits with others. This person can also serve as a source for questions and can help resolve any potential issues before the technology is completely implemented. Having an end-user who is willing to champion new technology can be a powerful tool in aiding adoption.

  1. 4. Don't try to implement the new technology all at once

Your might be tempted to implement the new technology too quickly, and this will probably be met with strong resistance from team members. Instead, changes should be introduced gradually, so that the team can slowly become comfortable with the new technology. If you introduce the technology in small doses, team members will be able to adapt more easily, and productivity is less likely to be interrupted. If you're still experiencing resistance with the implementation process, you could hire an outside support team that focuses mainly on implementing and managing the new technology. This would help streamline the process and would allow your team to continue focusing on their job without having to worry about learning the new technology.

  1. 5. Plan for the resistance

Regardless of which of these techniques you use, it’s important to recognize half the battle in overcoming resistance to a new technology is anticipating that it might exist and creating a plan for dealing with it. All too often decisions for change are made and then handed down with little consideration for those most affected by those changes. By anticipating potential problems and creating a strategy to help resolve them, you’re much more likely to successfully implement the new technology with minimal resistance.

For team members  to understand and appreciate new technology advances, they should be aware of the new technology and involved in the decision making when implementing it. The rate of end-user acceptance and adaption of new technology advances can also be increased by testing on a smaller scale first and anticipating and planning for any potential problems.

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