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Seamless. Accountable. Continuously Improving.

At Global Help Desk Services, Inc. (GHDSi), the “Help” part of our name isn’t just about helping your employees and customers with their tech issues.

It’s about helping you.

We want you to finally be able to focus 100% on the big stuff that helps you grow – all the projects (from small to game-changing) that you just didn’t have time for before. Don’t worry about your help desk. We’ve got it under control. You go slay the dragons.

Here’s how we do it.

Help Desk Service Delivery Help Desk

When you outsource your help desk to GHDSi, we commit to seamless help desk service delivery. Your GHDSi Team Lead, Service Desk Manager, and Customer Relations Manager will manage your service SLAs, handle issues that may arise, and coordinate ongoing communications with you to review and continually improve our service.

This means you can expect:

Weekly Operations Meetings

Weekly Operations Meetings

Your team and ours meet each week to discuss process improvements, scheduled IT changes, service change orders, process breakdowns and other issues that may affect service delivery.

Analytics Reports

Analytics Reports

We deliver monthly summaries that analyze call volumes and other metrics, explain the causes behind any fluctuations, and recommend specific remediations as needed.

SLA Accountability Reports

SLA Accountability Reports

We create comprehensive, monthly service SLA assessments of our current performance on such metrics as Average Speed of Answer, Help Desk Resolvable, and Customer Satisfaction.

Help Desk Quality Control Help Desk

We’ve all lived through a bad help desk experience. Perhaps the agent was rude, or maybe they just weren’t knowledgeable. Even worse, the agent might have been rude and unhelpful. A business with unqualified help desk agents is a business whose customers are already halfway out the door.

A great help desk agent, on the other hand, can pull a customer back from the brink and get them smiling by the end of the call.

That’s the positive help desk experience we deliver.

Maintaining the quality of our help desk service delivery comes down to two things: people and processes. That’s why we’ve put an almost ridiculous amount of effort into building clear and comprehensive quality control processes.

It’s also why our Quality Assurance model makes certain our agents are focused on one thing: The level of service they provide. The people who join, stay, and grow with GHDSi are the ones who provide excellent service, and who embrace the chance to keep improving.

Our Quality Control Process

  • Selective Hiring
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Previous Day Reviews
  • Agent Monitoring
  • Service Quality Reviews

Selective Hiring

We believe in the maxim, “Hire hard, manage easy.” Our rigorous hiring process involves multiple interviews and tests that measure each candidate’s technical knowledge, communication skills, initiative, and emotional intelligence. We also conduct background checks and drug screening. Only candidates with the highest scores get to take your calls.

Comprehensive Training

Our staff go through comprehensive training in customer service, security awareness, compliance adherence, and specifics of your business needs and support. All training is reviewed regularly to make sure it is up to date with refresher training given as needs arise. All compliance and security training courses are taken annually by all staff.

Previous Day Reviews

Every day, we identify the previous day’s items that were escalated to other resolver teams within your organization. Every week, we discuss with you whether and how our help desk agents can handle these items in the future. This collaborative approach allows us to take on more at first level, so your IT team never has to worry about being a dumping ground for tickets. Returned business value is a repeatable and deliberate GHDSi process that adds capacity back into your internal IT teams.

Agent Monitoring

Our Agent Quality Assurance Program uses multiple tools and methods to monitor our agents, so quality is top of mind for every call we manage. Our QA process is unique in that we measure 14 (9 ticket and 5 audio) criteria for each agent ticket or call reviewed and compare those scores against the overall help desk average (the standard). When an agent is below the average for any criteria by more than 5%, the Team Lead works with the agent to correct those deficiencies. This way agents are always striving for at least the help desk average (the standard) because it directly impacts their merit increases.

Service Quality Reviews

Our agent program includes side-by-side coaching during calls, live monitoring of calls in progress, ticket reviews, process reviews, and ongoing agent training. The comprehensive weekly one on ones and monthly reviews of each help desk agent ensure their quality of support and service meets the standards documented in your SLA. We score and thoroughly review with our agents troubleshooting, customer service, call closure rates, ticket documentation, and dozens of other vital quality-of-service criteria to ensure our staff are managed up, and mediocrity is eliminated.

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