Our Unique Approach
to Help Desk Management

The help desk processes that take you from your current state to your desired state. Without getting in a state.

Your IT help desk is the face of your entire IT team – so outsourcing your IT help desk management requires a smart, careful approach.

Over the past two decades at Global Help Desk Services, Inc. (GHDSi), we’ve fine-tuned our help desk processes into a series of predictable, repeatable steps that ensure your team and our team are always on the same page and always delivering the very best experience to your users and customers.

The GHDSi Approach
to Help Desk Management Approach

Your journey from “We need help!” to “It’s all taken care of!” starts out with an introductory call. In this call, we explore your goals and challenges, answer initial questions, and map out next steps. Once you feel ready for a discovery call, that’s when our process starts.

Step 1: Discovery

We make sure we fully understand the people, processes, technology, outcomes, and budget you have in mind before customizing our solution. We uncover your anticipated monthly incident volume, define hours of coverage, identify services to be provided, and plenty more.

Step 2: Solution Review

Following the discovery phase, we present the solution we’ve designed for your business – not for your competitor or the business down the street, but a help desk approach designed specifically for you. First, we review the challenges that brought you here, and how we address them. Then we walk you through our five-stage onboarding process to get services up and running. From there we review how we handle service delivery, service management, quality control, and continuous improvement to keep you on the right path.

Step 3: Pricing Review

Once we’ve come together with your IT team and executive leadership on your service delivery expectations, we outline pricing options. We describe the support options available, explain typical terms, and give you a complete A-Z understanding of what a predictable help desk service spend will entail.

Step 4: Verbal Solution Acceptance

Now that you have a thorough understanding of our suggested solution and proposed pricing, we invite you to verbally accept both, which gives us the go-ahead to prepare a written Help Desk Agreement and Statement of Work.

Step 5: Agreement & Statement of Work

A great working partnership starts with a clear understanding of expectations, which is where the Help Desk Agreement comes in. During this stage, we sit down with your team to finalize the Statement of Work. Together, we’ll dot the i’s, cross the t’s, potentially eat our weight in muffins, and outline the scope of the help desk outsourcing services we’ll be providing (with pricing – we don’t believe in surprises when it comes to your money).

Step 6: Implementation

Once we have a signed Help Desk Agreement and Statement of Work, we get to work with the onboarding process, which involves setting up services, delivery of services, service management, process improvement, and reporting. And with that, we launch our kick-off meeting and welcome you to the GHDSi family!

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White-Glove Onboarding Process

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Seamless Service Delivery & Quality Control

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