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Highly Recommended

“I would definitely recommend Global Help Desk to a peer, and I would tell them that they should expect constant professional, prompt and courteous service because I haven’t seen anything less from them.” - Rob, Director at a Pediatric Hospital (Healthcare)


"There is a lot of value in Global Help Desk Services’ ability to receive the customer call and satisfy the call without having to escalate to any of the support teams." - Todd (Shipping/Logistics)

Continued Commitment

"Global Help Desk Services shows continued commitment to always improving and finding more ways to partner together. They are very flexible in helping us meet our needs." - Dan (Financial)

Great Communication

“[GHDSi] knowledge base is so deep and the communication is so good, we end up with very solid customer issue resolution.” - Todd (Shipping/Logistics)

Easy to Contact

"I’m enjoying working with Global Help Desk Services very much. They’re easy to contact, and whenever I have requests I get quick feedback." - Todd (Shipping/Logistics)

New Perception

"They’re definitely working to turn around the perception of the previously outsourced call center, which is a huge accomplishment with our environment."- Todd (Shipping/Logistics)

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Cost Effective

“Our director did a cost study and found that in the long run it would be less expensive for the hospital to do help desk operations as an outsourced service.”
-Rob, Director at a Pediatric Hospital (Healthcare)

The Perfect Match

"Global Help Desk Services offers the perfect match of customer service, technical strength and flexibility. It’s very hard to find a vendor that does all three of these things well. Global meets these criteria, which is key."
- Dan (Financial)

Quick to Take the Initiative

“Global Help Desk is really quick to react when we have issues. They take the initiative when they see a trend and they alert us, which goes miles in helping to assist our users and ensure they have the resources they need.” Rob, Director at a Pediatric Hospital (Healthcare)

Always Improving

"I like that they stay plugged in with what’s going on in our environment and try to offer suggestions to wherever they can help improve processes that we have and take more off our plate. I really like their proactive approach." - Todd (Shipping/Logistics)


"They’re responsive, which is very good. There’s respect for one another, and cooperation. The communication is good, and that is critical to the success of our help desk operations." Todd (Shipping/Logistics)

Attention to Detail

“My users are thrilled with the level of detail and the nature of the attention they’re getting from the Global technicians.” - Mike (Retail)

Terrific Onboarding

"Global Help Desk Services was terrific during the onboarding process. They came to our offices, learned our documentation, and basically held our hand through that first week. It was a very good experience, and we were very confident with our partnership." - Dan (Financial)

Successful Service

"We have had a really positive experience with Global Help Desk Services. In fact, it has been only six months and we are already increasing our relationship, because our current service level has been so successful. I think that speaks volumes to the service they provide." - Dan (Financial)

The Way a Real Help Desk Should Be Run

“Global has shown us the way a real help desk should be run, as far as the reporting, the metrics and how we should be structuring ourselves. We see how they do things and we’ve adopted some of their methods.”
- Mike (Retail)

Proactive and Efficient

"They proactively review all of our tickets to try to find more areas where they’re able to resolve issues as the first line. They’re coming back to us with that information so we can increase the number of calls that they’re able to take care of."
- Todd (Shipping/Logistics)


“Having Global on board has provided us with a lot of stability. Getting our turnover down has allowed our team to take on more and different responsibilities.” - Mike (Retail)

Strong Skill Set

"Their techs seem to have a strong skill set, and they’re good at what they do." - Todd (Shipping/Logistics)

Living Up To Expectations

"They’re living up to the expectations that we had. Our expectations were high, but they’re living up to it – and that’s a good thing." - Ken (Shipping/Logistics)

Always Delivering

"They deliver on what they promise." - Ken (Shipping/Logistics)

Cut Above the Rest

“We looked at a couple of other providers, but it didn’t seem like any of the others came even close to what Global had available. “ - Mike (Retail) 

Good Feedback

"We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from users all across the world." - Todd (Shipping/Logistics)

Very Flexible

"Global Help Desk Services was very flexible and willing to work with our process, which is very important for us." - Dan (Financial)

Strong Partnership

"It really is a partnership that’s going on here, and that’s a good thing." - Ken (Shipping/Logistics)

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