Help Desk & Technical
Support Success Stories

Retail Case Study Image
Demanding the Best from Retail Help Desk Operations

See how GHDSi helped one of the largest furniture and design companies in the US free up internal IT team members from the time-intensive demands of staffing a help desk and streamline operations to focus on their continued growth.

Hospital Case Study Image
Improving Efficiency in Healthcare Help Desk Operations

Discover how GHDSi worked with a pediatric hospital to increase their customer satisfaction rates while reducing costs and providing a significant return on investment.

Finance Case Study Image
When Flexibility Is Critical for Help Desk Support

Learn how GHDSi worked with a Fortune 100 financial services organization by quickly and thoroughly learning their current process and systems to provide guaranteed service levels while helping the team continue to scale.

Healthcare Case Study Image-1
Shining a Spotlight on Healthcare Help Desk Solutions

See the results that a teaching hospital was able to receive in their support center to increase responsiveness and improve customer service by working with GHDSi, including calls answered in less than 1 minute, 24 hours a day.

Logistics Case Study Image
Transportation Equipment and Logistics Firm Rebuilds Help Desk Services (and Reputation!)

Learn how GHDSi helped a billion-dollar marine transportation firm upgrade their service desk operations and improve overall IT support to improve customer satisfaction and response times.