Are Our Outsourced Help
Desk Services a Fit?

Before we start going steady, let’s
see if we’re compatible.

Outsourcing your help desk to Global Help Desk Services, Inc. may not be quite like getting married to us, but it does mean starting an important relationship. And every relationship needs to be the right fit.

After all, when you hire us to answer your phones and solve your IT headaches, you’re asking us to get intimately involved with your business, your employees, your customers, and your goals.

You want the relationship to work. And so do we.

So, before we sign the papers and make it official, we take the time to make sure we are a good fit for you, and that you are a good fit for us.

It’s time for a pop quiz.

It’s time for a pop quiz.

How many of these items listed below are in your top 10 list of concerns?

1 Customer

You’re looking for a partner who has proven success in delivering help desk services that improve your user experience or customer experience. You’re tired of long wait times, low ticket resolution levels, and a poor reputation for your IT team.

2 Skill

You want to outsource your help desk to a firm that you can trust to do the job right. You just don’t have the time, expertise, and/or budget to train and supervise your own help desk staff.

3 New

You need an outsourced help desk partner who’ll help you roll out new offerings and projects without taxing your IT team, because you don’t have the documented processes to do this well on your own.

4 Scalability

You’re growing fast, and your IT team can’t keep up. You need an outsourced help desk that grows with you, providing the staffing and service levels that keep your users happy—all without the pain of hiring (or firing).

5 Underground

Your users have taken matters into their own hands and are working around your help desk, rather than with it. You need an outsourced help desk that quickly wins the trust (and cooperation) of your users, helping your IT team restore its stellar reputation.

6 Staff

You’re experiencing high turnover in your help desk and need skilled people who will stick around. But hiring takes time, and training is costly. You need a help desk partner who frees up your IT team so you can do more with less.

7 Best

You want to take advantage of regular QA reviews, customer satisfaction surveys, automated processes, real-time reporting, and a growing knowledge base. You know that outsourced help desk services will replace your poor help desk habits with industry best practices.

8 Multi-Roles

Your help desk staff are regularly distracted with other roles and responsibilities, making it tough for them to perform well. You’d prefer to have a help desk whose sole focus is delivering help desk services for enterprise organizations.

9 Service

Your service levels are inconsistent, and you rarely enforce your internal help desk SLAs. You want a help desk that delivers guaranteed service levels through clear, enforceable SLAs.

10 Coverage

You need to offer help desk services 24 x 7 x 365. You want to offer increased coverage without adding headcount.

So, how  did you score?

So, how
did you score?

Score: 0

We’ve built our business around solving these challenges.

If these are priorities for you, then GHDSi might be the outsourced help desk services partner you’ve been searching for.

It’s Your Call

Let’s discuss your help desk goals and challenges.

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