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“Frustration” is not the word you want associated with your help desk.

But that’s the reality for a lot of companies.

  • Your employees are frustrated because they’re wasting time on the phone trying to get tech issues resolved.
  • Your IT team is frustrated because they’re so busy answering help desk inquiries, they don’t have time to take care of the important tasks only they can handle.
  • And you’re frustrated because your costs for IT support are much too high, your employees are less productive, and your highly skilled IT team is tied up with resetting passwords and answering basic questions.

What if you could put all that behind you?

Global Help Desk Services, Inc. (GHDSi) provides help desk outsourcing with guaranteed service levels to enterprise-sized companies around the world.

What does that mean for you? It means a superior help desk experience, major capacity gains within your IT team, and a reduced total cost of IT support.

A help desk that gets people back to work faster.

A help desk that frees up your IT team’s time to focus on the big things.

A help desk that helps you grow.

Learn How Help Desk Outsourcing Works

How Do We Do It? How

GHDSi is the first point of contact for your employees and customers when they need tech support. We manage their technical issues, resolve their problems, and escalate only the issues that you prefer to resolve in-house.


Here’s the secret to your success:

  • We understand your technical environment and can resolve more issues for your IT team
  • We understand your business environment and support your success
  • We provide on-point, right-sized support that helps you grow

We understand your technical environment and can resolve more issues for your IT team

We start by understanding your technical environment through our unique onboarding process. Then we create highly technical support programs that we custom design to support you and your callers.

  • Help desk outsourcing is 100% all that we do. This singular focus ensures we have the skills, tools, and best practices to manage more tickets—quickly and accurately.
  • Our highly technical support ensures your callers always get expert help—the first time and every time. No more worrying about inexperienced call center agents following a canned script, only to escalate basic issues to your IT team anyway.
  • Your business doesn’t stop and neither do we. Our support is 24/7/365. Even if it’s 3:26 in the morning, our 100% U.S.-based full-time agents are here to help.

We understand your business environment and support your success

“Help” is our middle name, so we’re committed to giving you a great return on investment. Lowered help desk costs? Check. Improved productivity? Check. Increased IT capacity? Check. Freeing up your IT budget for bigger and better things? Oh yes … now we’re talking.

  • We’re not a cable company, so making you pay for things you don’t use is not our style. Instead, our pricing provides flexible support that can be scaled up—or even down—as you need.
  • Great IT people are hard to find. We help you keep them happy by only sending them the help desk issues you specifically want them to work on.
  • Speaking of work, we resolve help desk issues quickly and accurately, so everybody can get back to work a lot faster.

We provide on-point, right-sized support that helps you grow

Because we deliver outsourced help desk services that are right-sized for your call volumes, customer needs, business goals and more, we give you the flexibility you need to scale your business without sacrificing your users’ IT support desk experience.

  • We never rest on our laurels: Our continuous improvement process makes sure we’re not only accountable, but always getting better.
  • Our customized reporting ensures full transparency, especially if your organization operates in regulated industries that must maintain compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOX and other regulations.
  • We navigate M&As and spinoffs nimbly, with a clear roadmap for providing seamless transitions.

How Much You’ll Save Outsourcing Your Help Desk

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Ring. Ring. Results.

Okay. Enough about us, right? Let’s get down to what’s important. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with GHDSi for help desk outsourcing:

Immediate Wins

  • Stabilize the help desk
  • Eliminate “underground” support
  • Drive ownership and accountability within the help desk
  • Improve employee and customer perception of the help desk and overall IT services team

90-Day Wins

  • More total ticket resolutions
  • More first-call resolutions
  • Faster resolution times
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Reduced abandon rates
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Ongoing Wins

  • Higher rates of tickets resolved at the help desk
  • Lower cost per resolution
  • 24/7 coverage hours
  • Increased satisfaction for your customers and your IT team
  • Documented best practices
  • Continuous improvement

Real Clients, Real Improvement

Consider how GHDSi successfully supported one of the most stressful help desk settings: a hospital help desk. This is a workplace with highly complex technology, where getting employees back to work quickly could literally mean life or death. The help desk has no choice but to move fast and do the job right.

  Before GHDSi With GHDSi
Average Speed to Answer 120 seconds 28 seconds
Call Abandon Rate 20% 2.9%


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Above and Beyond the Call The Call

GHDSi has earned a reputation among help desk companies for delivering memorably pleasant, efficient, and consistent outsourced help desk services.

What do we do differently?
Glad you asked.



We believe in predictable, repeatable service desk processes that hold us accountable for consistently delivering outstanding support. And we’re always analyzing those processes to look for ways we can improve.



We spend an almost ridiculous amount of time recruiting only the best full-time U.S. employees. Then we invest even more time training each new hire to develop the empathy, understanding, and customer service skills to deliver an amazing experience to the people who call your help desk.



We adapt alongside you as your business environment evolves, so you always have the level of service desk support you want, without having to pay for more than you need.

You’re in Good Company

You’re in Good Company

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