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How to Level Up Your Outsourced Help Desk With White Glove IT Services

How to Level Up Your Outsourced Help Desk with White Glove IT Services

When you hear the phrase “white glove,” it may call to mind someone like Jeeves — the trusty gentleman’s gentleman who takes care of everything from cooking up breakfast to chauffeuring his employer all about town.

And in a sense, butlers really are the ideal of white glove service: They protect your time, ensure your particular preferences are met and take proactive steps to help you avoid problems before they arise.

Wouldn’t it be great if your IT team offered something like that?

What Are White Glove IT and Help Desk Services?

White glove IT services are characterized by responsiveness, attention to detail and personalized support built around your high-value users.

While white label help desk services are a great way to outsource all or some of your IT needs, white glove service provides a next-level experience to your most business-critical users and functions.

The advantage of white glove service is that it can be tailored to the precise needs of your organization to a much greater degree than typical outsourced help desk support. With white glove service, you’ll have dedicated support staff who are trained specifically on the unique issues you face. That includes proactive outreach to ensure operations are running smoothly, even when you or your users don’t have time to call up support.

These services do come with an additional cost, however, and in certain cases, it may even mean issues take longer to resolve. As a result, white glove service may not be a good fit for everyone. For some organizations, however, it can be well worth the investment.

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Who Benefits From White Glove IT Services?

Because white glove IT services are specialized, they’re not a universal solution. Some kinds of industries and organizations will benefit more than others. Here are some examples to help you think through whether these services are a good fit for yours.

Icon-Healthcare-Medical-Record-Systems-TransparentWhite Glove Support for Doctors and HealthCare Workers

Doctors and health care workers rely on technology to be effective. When something goes wrong, they need it fixed quickly. The catch is that they can’t stay on the phone with IT support – their time is much better spent helping patients.

White glove support can be a huge help in these instances. Your support team will train to develop a deep knowledge of your specialized system and understand your user needs.

Furthermore, they’ll work to resolve the issue without keeping your users tied up – or leaving them to find their own risky solutions. And while this can sometimes mean issues take longer to resolve, the tradeoff is that your people are free to focus on what they do best.

Icon-incident-business-continuity-white-glove-Transparent-2White Glove Provides Immediate Response for Business-Critical Roles

Executive assistants are the lifeblood of any enterprise-level organization. When they need IT support, it’s often because a business-critical function is down and about to cause big headaches for the C-suite.

In cases like this, it’s important for users to be able to call for help and receive an immediate response. With white glove support, EAs will be supported by someone who not only understands your business, but who has also built a relationship with the person who’s calling. They won’t lose valuable time trying to get the help desk up to speed.

Icon-higher-education-white-glove-TransparentWhite Glove Support Minimizes Classroom Downtime

As if teaching wasn’t already a challenging enough profession, virtual learning has added a whole new dimension to classroom instruction. When there’s a technology issue, it needs to be resolved quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime.

In instances like these, where users need prioritized IT support to ensure continuity, white glove services can be a great help. That’s true in education, but also for any industry in which system downtime means lost productivity or revenue.

These are just three examples to help illustrate how white glove services work, but they should give you some sense of how this approach can solve different kinds of problems for different kinds of organizations.

Sound like a good fit? Here’s how it works to get started.

The Global Help Desk Approach to White Glove IT Service

What makes white glove IT support so beneficial to some organizations is that it’s a highly personalized service experience. No two companies will have identical needs, and it’s important for your provider to understand that white glove service can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.

That’s why Global Help Desk is so intentional about how we put these services into place for your organization. Our process includes:

  • A deep-dive discovery phase in which we identify expectations of support, learn your operations and become experts in your user processes
  • A development phase in which we will identify your dedicated support team and create a personalized support plan for your organization
  • A training phase in which our team identifies your unique issues and major needs in order to ensure a quicker response time
  • Ongoing development through which we will continually evaluate your organization’s service calls and support needs to further refine and adapt our own practices

Finally, what really sets Global Help Desk’s white glove service apart is that we are proactive about IT support. That’s because the organizations that most benefit from white glove service are often those with the least time to spare. If they have internal resources, those teams are often stretched thin. It’s critical, therefore, that we don’t sit by and wait for problems to arise.

Instead, we’ll regularly check in with you and your users to identify any problems or concerns they may have. Time is valuable – your team shouldn’t spend theirs chasing down support.

With white glove services from Global Help Desk, they won’t have to.

Take Your IT Support to the Next Level

Some organizations will never need more than basic IT support. Their users will need help resetting passwords, using applications or registering their two-factor authentication — and that’s pretty much it. And if that’s all you need? Great! We can absolutely support you.

But if it’s critical for your organization to minimize downtime, if you employ high-value users who can’t sit on the phone, or if you just think you could benefit from a more personalized approach to IT, white glove service may be a great fit.

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