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4 Ways Technology Leaders Can Improve Their Organization's ROI

ROI - Text in Blue Color on Dark Digital Background.Today's technology leaders spend a lot of time justifying their investments to prove that their department provides significant return on investment (ROI) to the organization. The organizational tasks of cutting costs while still effectively driving results does not make their lives any easier either.

As a technology leader, increasing your organization's ROI depends greatly on your ability to successfully manage costs while finding ways to effectively leverage your resources. So how do you, as a technology leader, help improve your organization's ROI? Here are 4 tips to get you started:

1. Train Your Employees
Investing in new technology can help improve ROI,  but the technology itself may not always deliver the desired results. To get more out of this new technology, you need to have employees that are well trained in the department's processes and are more then capable of making important decisions that can impact the organization. If you train your employees correctly, you should see the following results:

  • Improved quality of service
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Minimal downtime
  • Employee and customer satisfaction
  • Better productivity and increased revenue

The above benefits reflect what happens when your team integrates fast with new technology and responds to customer needs quickly, which is a clear demonstration of an improved ROI.

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2. Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
As a technology leader presenting your case to the C-suite, you most likely focus on the areas where  your department benefits the organization the most. However, the one question that is most likely to be asked is “How will you measure these benefits?

In order to determine if what you are doing is actually improving ROI, you will need to come up with key performance indicators (KPIs)KPIs are the most important measurable outcomes that indicate the success and failure of your department. The more KPIs you achieve, the more likely you'll see improved ROI. Usually, there are industry benchmark KPIs that you may find helpful, but to get more out of your investment, you will need to update them slightly to come up with your own KPIs and monitor them accordingly. If you're looking for a little help, you can check out our top 5 key performance indicators to incorporate into your planning.

3. Perform Employee Quality Assurance
Employee Quality Assurance (QA) assessments help you as a technology leader to measure an employee’s performance against a standard set of criteria and identify high-performing employees and those that are underperforming. QA assessments then allow you to know where additional training resources are required, where side-by-side coaching is required, and in some cases, where focused action plans are required.

The more often you can identify and invest in your employees through frequent assessments, the more likely you are going to see measurable returns from your investments. Employees like to know what’s expected of them and don’t mind being held to a standard as long as everyone is held to the same standard. Employees like to know if they are underperforming and what steps they need to take to improve.  Your top performers want to be appreciated for their performance and simply want to know that those that are underperforming are being coached up or out.  Since employees are a type of long term organizational investment, you are almost guaranteed improved ROI every time you invest in your employees.

4. Invest in a Help Desk Outsourcing Partner
It's becoming more and more difficult for organizations to leverage their current technological resources in order to keep up with growing technological needs. Often times, you may find that your current solutions do not meet the pace of your growing organization. This can eventually lead to a decline in the potential returns you will be receiving from your investments. Investing in new technologies can be very costly to an organization, and with cost and ROI always top concerns with the C-suite, your best bet may be to invest in a help desk outsourcing partner.

Even the best IT departments are only as effective as the resources and systems they use. Outsourcing your help desk efforts can be a huge undertaking that requires a lot of internal and external resources. With such an undertaking, an organization will not be able to go at it alone. With the appropriate support of a help desk outsourcing partner, an organization can assess its IT needs and literally map out its capabilities and what it needs to outsourceOutsourcing your help desk has significant benefits such as faster resolutions, reduced cost per resolution, and standardized service levels and processes, all things that can help a technology leader show an improved ROI.

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