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5 Key Performance Indicators to Measure Your Help Desk Support Team

Hand with marker writing KPIKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the most important metrics that help you better determine the successes and failures of your help desk support operations. Without them, you can never be quite sure what's working and what's not working. Also, selecting and measuring the right KPIs will allow the help desk support team to focus their efforts on what’s most important to the organization.

How do you measure the performance of your help desk support team?  How do you determine the right KPIs to measure? There are many useful metrics that can be applied to evaluate your help desk support team, but here are the five top key performance indicators we recommend incorporating into your evaluation.

1. Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is the reason for maintaining a help desk support team, making this is the ultimate KPI. Measuring customer satisfaction is not always easy, so one of the most direct means of measurement is to send out a survey for your customers to rate and review your help desk support services, then compare the number of completed feedback forms with what you actually sent out. It's best practice to include different questions in the forms that you will need your customers to fill.  

Some customer satisfaction questions you may include, but aren't limited to:
- How satisfied were you with the agents understanding of your business requirements?
- How satisfied were you with the time it took to resolve your support request?
- Was the help desk able to resolve your problem?

If you can't think of the right survey questions to ask your customers, you can reach out to one of our help desk experts and we can help you determine the right questions.

2. Rate of Resolution
The customer's satisfaction is directly related to the rate of resolution of his or her issue(s). According to an SQM Group study, “The satisfaction of the end user could drop by 15% for every subsequent exchange (call, email etc). How efficiently does your help desk support team handle requests? Are they resolved within first contact, or do tickets remain open for unspecified amounts of time?

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3. Number of New Requests

Since one of the main goals of a help desk support team is to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, it's essential to know the number of new requests they have coming in. This information will give you a better idea of the overall workload for the team and will assist you in managing staffing levels. Tracking this metric will also help you determine how efficient your team is, as well as where you may need to train, hire, or even move help desk team members.

4. Response and Wait Times
We all know how frustrating it is to sit at the other end of a phone call or online chat, wondering if anything is being accomplished. Response Time is the period elapsed between initial request and first contact, while Resolution Time is the period from first contact until resolution. The longer these times are, the greater your customers' dissatisfaction becomes.

So the more issues your help desk support team can solve with the first customer exchange, the better the results for everyone.

5. Cost Per Ticket
In today's competitive environment, organizations have to make the most cost-effective use of their resources, and help desk support is no exception. The Cost per Ticket is found by dividing service desk operating expenses by total ticket volume during a given time period. As you evaluate the cost per ticket of your help desk support team, it's important to remember that your overall goal is to support the organization, so you must find that crucial balance between quality and cost. Sometimes, your cost per ticket could be higher than the industry average. While this could mean that your help desk outsourcing team is offering better quality, it could also mean that they aren't utilizing resources as efficiently as you'd like. 

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Your cost per ticket can include values like:
- Technical expenses
- Facility expenses
- Telecommunication expenses
- Salaries, benefits, etc.

help desk support team should always be striving for improvement. Hopefully, these 5 KPIs will help give you a sound foundation to put them and keep them on track for success.

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