Help Desk Outsourcing FAQs

How do I know that outsourcing will provide quality service to my environment?

There are a few key areas that are designed to guarantee quality:

  • Quality Assurance Reviews
  • Service Levels
  • Predictable, Repeatable Processes

Quality Assurance Reviews
 - the job of our quality assurance team is to monitor calls and review tickets. They use a rating system that ranks various aspects of the agent's handling of the call as well as the agent's documentation in the ticket and follow-through on documented processes; especially on those tickets escalated to another group. Not only do the agents receive their personal rating each week, but the QA specialist works with the Team Lead and agent to provide side-by-side coaching on calls and identify areas in which they believe the agent requires additional training.

Service Levels - Service Levels are designed to hold the outsourcer, such as us, accountable for the services we provide. We have service levels such as average speed of answer, abandon rate, email response time, first call resolution, and customer satisfaction, to name a few, that hold us accountable to achieve service level thresholds. Our Team Lead manages service levels daily adjusting staffing, staff schedules, and reaching out to users responding to surveys.

Predictable, Repeatable Processes - By using well documented Knowledge Base articles that define process you ensure that not only do your users receive service that is predictable and repeatable, but your help desk and resolver groups all know what is expected of them with each type of call; whether it is resolved at the help desk or escalated to another group.

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