Help Desk Outsourcing FAQs

What makes GHDSi different from its competitors?

Global Help Desk Services provides help desk outsourcing services to enterprise-sized companies. That is 100% of our focus. You can use us to be the first point of contact for your employees and/or customers to handle technical issues, resolve problems, and escalate those things that can’t be resolved at the help desk. When you partner with Global Help Desk Services, you gain a partner recognized  as a leader in the help desk outsourcing industry.

We focus on the following when it comes to providing the best help desk outsourcing services to our customers:

Building and Maintaining Relationships: We work with you and your teams to develop daily working relationships in order to better understand and service your callers. Every environment has special needs - from special handling of executives to accommodating surgical teams and complete sales forces. By performing effective due diligence we can tailor service levels to maintain high productivity.

Providing Predictable, Repeatable Processes: By using well documented KnowledgeBase articles that define process we ensure that your users know what to expect when they call the help desk. At the same time our employees know what's expected of them each time they take one of your calls. And when we have to escalate a call to one of your internal resolver teams, that predictable repeatable process makes it easy for your teams to know what to expect from us when we escalate a help desk ticket to them.

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